Het tpr is het meest gereputeerde privaatrechtelijke tijdschrift van de lage landen. Loading seems to be taking a while. Twitter may be over capacity or experiencing a momentary hiccup. Met de -app kun je eindeloos genieten van al jouw favoriete tijdschriften. The app, you can endlessly enjoy all your favorite magazines. You have anytime, anywhere access. The forbes Global 2000 is an annual list of the world's 2000 largest publicly listed corporations (2016 ) (More) Fortune 500 - the 500 largest corporations in the world (2016 ) (More) Forbes Russia top 200 - the 200 largest private russia companies (More).

tijdschrift top 2000 2016 28 (2006) db 29 (2007) db 30 (2008) db 31 (2009) db 32 (2010) db 33 (2011) db 34 (2012) db 35 (2013). Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde journal page at PubMed journals. Ned Tijdschr Tandheelkd: 5 new items. Welkom op de website van het Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht.

Daarvan worden 14.353 exemplaren verdeeld (cim 2016). A is het meest gelezen en huidtherapeuten meest bewaarde architectuurtijdschrift van België. Ploeg hoofdredacteur, lisa de visscher adjunct-hoofdredacteur, pierre lemaire productiecoördinator, grégoire maus vormgeving, joris appelbes Kritis redactiecommissie, francis Catteuw, Olivier Bastin, Agnieszka zajac voorzitter, ward Verbakel publiciteitsregie amedia. Rita minissi, adverteren in het tijdschrift en op de website.

tijdschrift top 2000 2016

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A is al 44 jaar het toonaangevende belgische tijdschrift voor architectuur. Het is de plek waar verschillende architectuurpraktijken uit België met elkaar worden geconfronteerd. Een platform voor grensverleggende projecten en gedachten. A presenteert de nieuwste projecten van Belgische architecten in binnen- en buitenland, interviews met opmerkelijke persoonlijkheden, essays en columns van de meest vooraanstaande architectuurcritici van België en omstreken, een overzicht van nieuwe publicaties en nieuwe producten, en duiding bij tentoonstellingen en evenementen. A voert het architectuurdebat tegen een internationale achtergrond, met veel oog voor stedenbouw, landschap, sale design en kunst. A besteedt eveneens aandacht aan vernieuwende constructiemethodes, ontwerpmiddelen en duurzame technieken. A verschijnt zes keer per jaar: midden februari, midden april, midden juni, midden september, eind oktober en midden december. Het blad heeft een oplage van.800 exemplaren in twee verschillende taalversies: 56 wordt in het Nederlands en 44 in het Frans gedrukt.

4 2000, european journal of Law Reform Eleven

On the cover, Schumer wears a princess leia bikini and her usual, assured comic confidence. Shes funnier than the rest of us without saying a thing." Finalist The hollywood Reporter "The reign of kevin Hart january 23 Shanti marlar, designer Jon Contino, illustrator Martin Schoeller, Photographer "Three or four other set ups — one shot had kevin Hart covered. But the wig was pure improv. Photographer Martin Schoeller had brought the outrageous hair piece to the shoot as a lark, but Hart instantly took a liking to it and began posing with it on (and his shirt off). 'The best covers happen when the subject is game says Laski. 'And Hart was definitely game.' finalist The new York times Magazine "The culture Issue october 11 Anton ioukhnovets, designer Erik madigan Heck, photographer "Our Culture Issue explores the idea of identity and the selves we inhabit. Erik madigan Hecks powerfully stylized portrait of Nicki minaj sets off her own assertive self-expression." Finalist Rolling Stone "Adele: a private life november 19 Joseph Hutchinson, designer Theo wenner, Photographer "When Adele walked into Theo wenners photography studio to shoot her Rolling Stone cover, she.

tijdschrift top 2000 2016

Chelsea handler and Nick Offerman, prominent entertainers confident in their own skin, represented ideal subjects. Their hilarious, insightful q a introduces the issues theme, which delves deep into our current difficulties, from sexual assault to stalking. We raise these topics—which are both timely and timeless—with the hope of nurturing understanding and starting a conversation between todays women and men." Finalist The new Yorker " Solidarité january 19 Françoise mouly, designer Ana juan, Illustrator "Ana juan created this powerful cover in the immediate. The cover was published on m the following day, and appeared on newsstands on Monday, january 12th. The stark, moving imagery quickly became a symbol of the tragedy." Finalist The new Yorker "Nine june 29 Françoise mouly, designer Barry Blitt, Illustrator Its distressing contemplating another story like this barry Blitt said about the appalling murders of nine worshippers at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist. He created this somber cover, titled 'nine in the wake of the violence.

The cover was published on m two days after the tragedy, and appeared on newsstands the following Monday, june 22nd." Best Celebrity and Entertainment Best cover Winner Vanity fair "Call me caitlyn july Chris Dixon, designer Annie leibovitz, photographer " Vanity fair s July issue. ' vanity fair has had its share of buzzy covers.' said The washington Post, 'but probably none has landed with such a thermonuclear impact as this one did.' beyond record-breaking sales and web traffic,. To" President Obama, 'look at this months cover of Vanity fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are. readers' Choice winner gq "Our salon Tastiest Comedy Issue yet! Starring Amy Schumer august Fred woodward, design Director Chelsea cardinal, designer Krista Prestek, director of Photography mark seliger, Photographer "Amy Schumers 2015 was as astronomically successful as years get — a box office smash, Trainwreck ; an hbo special; a critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated third season of. So we paired her with a bona fide intergalactic icon, Star Wars C-3PO, in a Mark seliger shoot so hilariously hot that it made news the moment it arrived on stands.

2 2016, international journal of Conflict Engagement

Pine, designer devin Allen, Photographer "When protests took over Baltimore in the aftermath of Freddie grays death, amateur photographer devin Allen took to Instagram and found himself propelled on the global stage. One of his most iconic images, shot at the heart of the protests on April 25, made the cover of time and brought back memroies of 1968. 'When I shot that, i thought it was a good picture, so advies i uploaded from my camera to my phone said Allen. 'by the time Id done that, the police was all around. I was in the middle. finalist Esquire "Women men April david Curcurito, designer Robert Trachtenberg, Photographer "The April issue—women men—strives to examine the state of relations between the sexes. Inspired by john Lennon and yoko ono, the idea for the cover was to show man and woman in all their natural glory, absent of clothing and vanity.

tijdschrift top 2000 2016

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We hauled a trampoline to the Imperial Sand Dunes in California to have chantae mimic her high-jump technique, says Karen Frank, espn the magazine s director of photography, of the desert shoot locale inspired by a long-jump sand pit. This unique shot, taken by photographer Carlos Serrao on June 12, is even more amazing considering it was captured on a day the mercury hit 108. This was one of six Body Issue covers designed by creative director Chin Wang.". Best News and Politics Best cover tuinen Winner New York "Cosby: The women july 27August 9 Amanda demme, photographer "Sometimes a cover transcends its role as the illustration of a story—and becomes the story itself. . Over a series of nine photo shoots, Amanda Demme captured 35 of the women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. She posed them facing the camera directly—facing a culture that wouldn't listen to them, facing Cosby himself. Under each accuser was the period of the alleged assault. Each woman sat in a chair. A thirty-sixth chair was left empty, a stand-in for all those who have yet to come forward, in the cosby case and any other." readers' Choice winner time "America, may.

Vanity fair has had its share of buzzy covers.' said. The washington Post, 'but probably none has landed with such a thermonuclear impact as this one did.' beyond record-breaking sales and web traffic,. S 'call me caitlyn' cover sparked a larger conversation about gender identity and expression. To" President Obama, 'look at this months cover. Vanity fair to see how America is more accepting of people for who they truly are. Readers' Choice Award Winner, winner, espn the magazine "Body laserontharing 2015: Chantae mcMillan july. Chin Wang, designer, carlos Serrao, photographer "Chantae mcMillan is a heptathlete who competes in seven track and field disciplines, including the high jump and the long jump.

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Best cover Contest 2016 Winners and Finalists. Best News and Politics, best Celebrity and Entertainment, best Business and Technology. Best Women's Lifestyle, best Sports and Fitness, best Fashion and beauty. Best Travel and Adventure, best Style and Design, most Delicious. Brainiest, readers' Choice Award Winner, cover of the year, cover of the year. Winner, vanity fair "Call me caitlyn july, chris Dixon, designer, annie leibovitz, photographer ". Vanity fair s July issue introduced caitlyn Jenner to the world. Design Director Chris Dixon chose simple typography to keep the focus on Annie leibovitzs striking portrait. '.

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