For example: Rent the entire spa for your private event or party. Catering and wine is available for larger groups. We have preferred caterers. Outside vendors and menus require the approval of the spa director. For groups of 12 or fewer, we offer our quiet room Rental. Monday through Thursday: 20 per person per hour with a six person minimum. For more information, please visit our Group events page. To plan your event at our San Francisco spa, please email.

westfield massage Event Planning, are you planning a special event? Our spa is available for everything from Bridal Showers to corporate events. Specific requests are welcome—all events are customized to your needs.

First Service: 9:00 am, last Service: 8:00 pm, address 845 Market Street, suite 510. San Francisco, ca 94103, westfield Shopping Centre directly above bloomingdales. Phone:, google map, special Offers, visit our. Registration Page and sign up to receive our current promotions and special events by email. Members receive 15 off any single treatment Monday through blauwbes Thursday! Just show your membership card and save! Brides, register at Bloomingdales San Francisco westfield Centre or Macys San Francisco Union Square and receive 20 off one massage, facial or Wetroom treatment. Valid Monday through Thursday only. This offer does not apply with any other promotion or membership. Conventioneers, korstjes show your id badge at our location and save!

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Westfield Massage center, 32 Miner apparatuur Street, middletown, middlesex, connecticut, find Alternative medicine, remedy and healing, Ethnoscience. Connecticut - list of United States Folk remedy and healing. Our San Francisco spa is located in the heart of the city at the westfield Shopping Centre. Our spa pays homage to the grand city of Paris with its striking black and white décor and Parisienne fantasy theme. Artwork throughout evokes your last trip to the city of Lights. San Francisco is one of our largest and most luxurious facilities with over 16,500 square feet, 15 massage rooms, six facial rooms, four nail care chairs and our world famous wetroom. Photo tour, azurayah light, general Manager 2010 readers products Choice winner, best day spa, san Francisco Chronicle. Hours of Operation, mondayThursday 9:00 am to 10:00. First Service: 10:00 am, last Service: 8:00 pm, fridaysunday: 8:00 am to 10:00.

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