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Use the following table to identify possible underlying causes that are primary in nature, meaning that they are the direct result of whatever dog skin problem is affecting your dog. Canine skin Appearance and Related Dog skin Conditions Type of Dog skin Lesion Definition Possible canine skin Conditions Macule Flat isolated spot that is a different color than surrounding areas Acanthosis Nigricans Allergic Dermatitis Bleeding Disorder Papule Small elevated and firm area (2 pink. It can extend deep into the skin tissue. Dog skin Tumor source: Dermatology for Small Animal Practitioner Benign (not cancerous) neoplasms Malignant  neoplasm (cancerous, fast growing/spreading) Dog skin Cysts Pustule Elevated skin area filled with puss.  Large pustules are called plaques. Dog skin Pustule source: Dermatology for Small Animal Practitioner Dog acne canine folliculitis Wheal A raised dog skin lesion that appears soon after exposure to the cause, usually appears and disappears Dog skin Wheal source: Dermatology for Small Animal Practitioner Dog hives Insect Bites Allergy. Large vesicles are called bullae. Dog skin Vesicle source: Dermatology for Small Animal Practitioner Canine autoimmune disease virus Secondary dog skin Problems and Symptoms Secondary dog skin problems occur as the result of another problem such as dog skin scratching or itching.

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Canine skin Conditions Based on Shape or Symmetry Shape or Symmetry of Dog skin Condition Possible cause of Dog skin Problems Appears on two sides of the body in the same say (bi-lateral) Canine hypothyroidism Canine hyperadrenocorticism Pemphigus Dog skin Allergy lesions that are. For example, symmetrical hair loss on the body, accompanied by bumps, blackheads, flaking or other mild skin irritation can indicate cushing's Disease or hypothyroidism. Some dog oorzaken hair loss is breed specific such as such as thinning hair on the ears or dog baldness associated with Dachshunds and some short haired breeds. Patchy hair loss is a sign of an immune-mediated canine skin disease. Alopecia areata refers to dogs that lose hair of only one color. Dog hair loss requires a trip to the veterinarian when a dog is suffering from itch, smells bed, or if there are signs of irritated skin or infected skin. . Also if your dogs appears ill along with hair loss, which could indicate a condition such as a bacterial skin infection mane or other parasitic dog skin disease.

Dog skin Conditions Based on hair and coat Condition Dog hair or coat Condition Possible cause of Dog skin Problems Dull coat hair Metabolic disease (diabetes) Hormonal disease (cushings) Nutrition problem Dog skin Disease dog coat color change hormonal disease canine follicular dysplasia (misfunctioning hair follicles. Poor dog hair quality hormonal disease canine follicular dysplasia location on Dog Body and Possible dog skin Problems Certain types of canine skin conditions tend to affect a particular area of the body. Here are some common dog skin problems based on the commonly affected area. Canine skin Problems and Body location Dog skin Disease location on Body Affected Tests Required Treatment Prognosis Dog Flea allergy (flea bite hypersensitivity) Lower Back middle rear Groin Abdomen skin Testing Blood Test Flea control ( see below for dog flea allergy treatment ) Excellent. Paws can be affected. Skin scrapings, biopsy Prescription medications (amitraz) or dip ( see below for dog demodicosis or demodex treatment ) fair Dog Scabies Ears, elbows, belly, leg joint skin scrapings, trial treatment (called sarcoptes treatment) Dips (see below for dog scabies treatment ) Excellent Dog Ringworm (dermatophytosis). Excellent Dog allergy (contact hypersensitivity to environmental allergens, also called contact irritant dermatitis) Generalized (all over body) Areas of body with little hair (scrotum, chin, between the thighs, paws, front abdomen skin cultures (fungal culture) skin biopsy avoidance of allergen Steroids see below for detailed.

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Diagnosing a canine skin condition can be challenging if you fail to record when and where a rash begins. The reason is that once a dog starts licking or scratching a problem area, it changes in appearance. For example chronic allergic dermatitis and sarcoptic mange are often easily differentiated in their early stages, but once they develop, they can look identical. . Other clues include behaviors, with inhalant allergies causing a dog to scratch the face, while flea bit hypersensitivity causes a dog to scratch, bite and lick their back, groin, tail and thigh. Sometimes, if the condition spreads to humans, such as canine ringworm, a diagnosis can be made for the dog. A veterinarian will begin to evaluate dog skin problems by using the information outlined in the following tables: Dog skin Conditions based on One or More Areas of the body.

Where a lesion develops on the body is an important clue as to possible cause. Primary lesions develop spontaneously and as a direct result of the disease. . A secondary lesion results after the dog has licked or scratched an area, changing the original appearance, making diagnosis more difficult. Diseases and Conditions by area of Dog's Body. Location of Dog skin Condition Possible cause of Dog skin Problems. Localized (in one or few areas of the body) Infectious organism such as a mite dog Bacterial skin Infection Dog Fungal skin Infection Dog skin tumor or cancer (called a neoplasm) Generalized (affects the entire dog) Hypersensitivity to an allergen (dog allergies) Endocrine disorders (diabetes). For example, a bacterial skin infection (2nd most common type of skin problem in dogs can appear as red bumps or pimples, bull's eye target lesions, scabs, flakiness and redness. Pyoderma (pus filled skin) often results in patchy dog hair loss or thinning hair.

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Timing of last flea treatment, use of medications, some medications can trigger dog skin problems. Typical way you feed your dog. Can indicate a nutritional issue or dog food allergy. These include: Dog skin hives, dog skin sores, dandruff. Hair loss, bad skin odor, sweating, ear issues. Rubbing, scratching, licking, apparatuur chewing and location of body. General guidelines for Dog skin Problems.

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Veterinarians will ask the following types of questions to help determine the cause of dog skin problems: do symptoms change by season or are they present year round? Indicates a seasonal allergy, are there other pets in the home and do they have any have skin conditions? Indicates fleas, parasites, mites. Does bathing your dog cause the problem to get worse? Does the dog have relatives with canine skin conditions? Indicates genetic or inherited dog skin disorders. Frequency of bathing, could lead to dry skin, parasites.

Skin conditions in dogs are similar those found in people, with many of the same treatment approaches available to treat and cure the condition. These include prescription medications and natural remedies that strengthen the dog's immune system. Medicated shampoos and dips can be of help in removing allergens form the dogs coat and tarting bacterial and fungal infection. Ultimately, to cure a canine skin disease, the underlying cause needs to be addressed and eliminated. Use the information below to identify and treat the canine skin problem that is make affecting your dog. Diagnosing Dog skin Problems, a veterinarian has three basic clues regarding any dog skin condition. These include the age, breed and sex of the dog, the dog's medical history and skin appearance. To confirm the diagnosis, a series of laboratory tests (fungal scraping, skin biopsy or sample) can help to identify the exact cause.

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" This guide provides information on how to identify and then treat dog skin problems. Here you'll find many approaches that can help you determine the cause of the canine skin condition, including disorders that are common in certain breeds, problems seen in young. Older dogs, and what different types of dog skin lumps, bump or lesions indicate. In investigating a canine skin problem, an owner or veterinarian also needs to determine if the dog skin disease is primary, meaning it directly resulted in the problem, or secondary, which means that it is the result of something else. For example, dog skin itch can result in scratching, which leaves the skin vulnerable to infection. The infection is a secondary result of the itch. Your vet will diagnosis the canine skin problem by taking a thorough history, by reviewing dog skin disorders common in your dog breed, and through lab tests. If dog food allergy or inhaled allergens are suspected (called atopy the vet will recommend elimination if possible of the allergen from the dogs environment. Allergy is found to be the cause between 10 to 20 of the time, with a bacterial infection the second most common cause.

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