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Two years ago, the allergy was almost unheard of, but today dermatologists estimate one in ten patients they see with eczema or dermatitis is allergic to mi now that it is being used in increased doses. Dr Orton says: The rate of rise is very steep indeed and is of great concern. How to tell if you are allergic. Many people allergic to mi and mci/MI suffer blistering, red rashes, swelling or oozing. Any part of the body coming into contact with mi can be affected, but it is usually the face and hands. Moisturisers and wipes seem to cause most of the allergies. Alarmingly, mi is used in Femfresh feminine hygiene tissues that are used on particularly sensitive areas. If you suffer from unexplained eczema, or believe cosmetics  have triggered a skin allergy, see your. And if you feel you are being fobbed off, insist on seeing a dermatologist, who will carry out allergy patch testing.

clarins cosmetics online

Allergies occur when the bodys immune system wrongly identifies a substance - known as an allergen - as harmful. Dangers: The most common causes of skin allergies are fragrances and preservatives. You can develop them to something that caused no problems a year ago. It is not clear what causes the body to react like this, but once you have an allergy it usually lasts for life. Skin allergies are different to the instant allergic reactions caused by peanuts, grass pollen or cat hair, and can take up to a day to appear.

The bodys misguided immune response causes eczema - or blistering - on the skin. Unlike other types of allergy, allergic contact dermatitis cannot be deadly. But it is painful. How many people are allergic to cosmetics? Previous studies have suggested that one or two people in every 100 are allergic to cosmetics or toiletries. But those estimates were made long before neus the introduction of mi, so may be too low.

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It kills bacteria, mould olie and viruses in water-based liquids or creams, extending their shelf life. Without preservatives, creams would go off two weeks after being opened. Although mi was used with mci/MI for years, many firms started using mi on its own, and at higher concentrations, after the european Commission approved it for single-agent use in 2005. Ironically, one reason for this was that it was thought less likely to trigger allergies than other substances - but since being used in higher doses, allergies have risen sharply. Why does it trigger allergies? Dr david Orton, of the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy, says: you can become allergic to anything at any time and there will always be someone who will become allergic to a particular ingredient. But over the last couple of years we have seen a growing rise in allergy.

clarins cosmetics online

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But an alarming number have a delayed reaction, which can appear hours after exposure. Dr John McFadden, consultant at Londons St Thomas Hospital, describes it as one of the worst outbreaks of allergy to cosmetic products I have ever seen. He adds: There hasnt been havermout anything on this scale before. We just dont know when it will peak. So, if these substances are responsible for the growing allergy outbreak, why has the cosmetics industry allowed them into our homes. And just how safe are our toiletries? Harsh on her skin: Clarins extra firming day cream gave one woman a burning sensation. What causes the problem? Preservative mi, the chemical at the centre of the latest scare, is added to moisturisers, mascaras, shampoos, conditioners and washing-up liquids.

Its clear, smooth and relatively wrinkle-free, she says. I splashed my face in cold water, but it took a week for my skin to return to normal. Mrs Clark, a writer based in Eastbourne, east Sussex is far from alone. Dermatologists raised concerns about cosmetics at the weekend and called for urgent action against two chemicals routinely used in moisturisers, shampoo and tissue wipes. Preservatives Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and (MCI/MI) are found in dozens upon dozens of products on our bathroom aziatische shelves, including nivea body lotion, wet Ones hand wipes and boots mens face wash Both chemicals have been linked to allergic reactions, but it is mi - a clear. Experts say mi is second only to nickel in causing contact dermatitis - where skin becomes red, sore, swollen or inflamed after direct contact with a substance. One in 12 adults and one in five children in the uk now have eczema, and contact dermatitis is one of the most common types. Some, like mrs Clark, suffer instant skin irritation, where the cause is easy to pinpoint.

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Dermatologists have called for urgent action against two chemicals, the preservatives have been linked to allergic reactions. So just how safe are our toiletries? Published: 23:01 bst, updated: 23:01 bst, irritant: Some people can have an instant reaction to products containing preservatives Methylisothiazolinone (MI) and The lotion was supposed to leave her with fewer wrinkles and looking youthful. But after applying her new 48 Clarins Extra-firming day cream, jean Clark was in agony. It was a burning sensation as if someone had thrown acid in my face, she says. My skin looked as if I had a bad dose of sunburn - my face was scorched, red and blotchy. Mrs Clark, 62, was baffled. Her bathroom had been full of Clarins products for years and she had never had a reaction before. Im often complimented on how good my skin is for my age.

Clarins cosmetics online
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