Id give it 4 stars out. Cien Intensive anti-Wrinkle Cream.49, lidl.

cien hand cream review them) seems to have faded somewhat and seems less deep set than before. Ive been using this product (with a few brief blips for nights away) for around 8-9 weeks and my skin feels happy. Im not majorly keen on the smell because it smells a bit like face cream from the eighties or a cheap sunscreen bought from a newsagent in Cornwall circa 1996 which you were forced into wearing because your mother had forgotten to bring extras and that. The one thing I dont like about this is the packaging says it contains a uv filter but gives no further information which is more than a tad frustrating. All in all this is a good little cream for older or ageing skin at a great low price.

This stuff is wonderful for quenching your parched face but not only that it really helps with those fine line which start to appear as age creeps. I actually dont mind wrinkles and lines all that much but the body little buggers who gobble up my foundation are not my friend and I reckon fighting them off (just a little) keeps my under eye concealer and foundation bill a little lower than. When I was in Lidl browsing through their skincare this product in particular jumped out at me purely because of the words hyaluronic Acid on the front of the packaging. As a regular thomas reader and watcher of both Caroline hirons, lisa Eldridge and a number of other beauty types, the mere mention of this molecule brought about a little shimmy in the supermarket aisle. You see hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our bodies to do things like keep our skin plump but as we age our ability to produce ha decreases (Caroline hirons gives a brief explanation here ) waaa, waaa, waaaah old. Hyaluronic Acid is all the rage in the beauty communities, so i had to give it. This product settled in nicely with my routine of double cleansing and a bit of face massage and has given me no problems whatsoever. I use the cream at night or if I wont be wearing make up because as the name suggests, it is intense and as such pretty thick. It does rub in and absorb really well but when I was younger (Im 31) this type of product would have been far too thick for my skin. The first few times i applied this cream I felt a very slight tingle for around 3-4 minutes which died away and whilst ive felt something each time since it has barely been noticeable.

cien hand cream review

Lidl's, cien, intensive anti-Wrinkle, cream, review

Since weve moved weve discovered were a little closer to a lidl than we had been previously, so ive been spending time getting to know what I like and what I dont. One thing I do (really) like is one of their Lidl own brand anti-wrinkle creams, let me tell you why. What the packaging says: cien Intensive anti-Wrinkle Cream with hyaluronic Acid, vitamin e uv filter. Smooths wrinkles peeling and fine lines, for all skin types. Helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles * uv filters and vitamin E help prevent premature skin ageing and help protect your skin from harmful environmental damage. Rich and moisturising active ingredients help care for your skin throughout the day. What I say: If you have thirsty skin, raise your hand. Yup, loads of us!

Cien Madame Glamour Hand Cream

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cien hand cream review

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M: cien Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Age day cream with Q10 and ooglidcorrectie Vitamin E with uv filter 50 ml: beauty. Buy cien Time control 24h moisturising Cream - 50 mL (1.76. Oz.) on creme m free shipping on qualified orders. Our cien range has got your bathroom and beauty routine covered, with everything from hand wash and bath soak to deodorant and shaving cream. Best Wrinkle Cream On Amazon - anti Aging skincare Internet Scams Best Wrinkle Cream On Amazon Clinique skin diagnostic tool Organic skin Care for Oily skin.

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cien hand cream review

Tried tested: cien sos hand Cream

Frustrant, intrigant, enervant pentru mine. Logic, nu-mi dadea prin cap sa cumpar un full-size, noroc ca exista si variante de 15 ml, la pliculet - cantitatea perfecta ca sa-mi fac o impresie si sa elimin si depozitatul inca unui recipient pe noptiera. Plus ca ambalajele sunt asa vesele incat ma binedispun. In primul rand, am optat pentru masca de fata cu aroma de ciocolata si capsuni. Suna bine, nu-i asa? Miroase foarte bine, chiar a ciocolata cu umplutura de capsuni, se intinde usor pe ten si pliculetul mi-a ajuns pentru doua aplicari generoase. Aveam cateva rezerve: caolinul, adica un soi de argila ar fi putut sa-mi usuce excesiv tenul. Am stat cu masca pe ten 7 minute (maxim era 10) si dupa ce-am indepartat-o de pe ten am fost foarte multumita sa constat ca tenul era mult mai neted, suplu, luminos. Si nici macar nu-mi era uscat.

Imi amintesc foarte bine. Din pacate, dupa ce-am indepartat-o de pe ten n-am observat absolut nimic. Nici in rau, nici in bine. Daca e sa gasesc partea buna a clinicas lucrurilor, macar nu m-am trezit cu cine stie ce pe ten. Imi luasem varianta full-size, de 300 de ml si n-aveam nicio tragere de inima s-o folosesc asa ca a intrat in cartea mea personala a recordurilor la sectiunea: masca de care am tras cel mai mult timp. Dupa experienta asta, n-am mai fost deloc tentata sa experimentez. Cel putin cativa ani, pana cand am citit iar numai pareri de bine.

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Cien hand cream review
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