Eye treatments, made from marine ferments and using a triple concentration of the Crème de la mer Miracle Broth, these eye treatments are both gentle around the delicate eye area and extremely potent. The Illuminating eye gel Instantly energizes and awakens (145.00). The lifting eye serum visibly lifts and firms (240.00). The eye concentrate visibly diminishes dark circles (195.00). The eye balm Intense visibly reduces puffiness (195.00). Serums, harnessing the power of the Crème de la mer Miracle Broth, these serums penetrate the skin to give users radiant skin that has been completely regenerated.

la mer moisturizing lotion review , luminous finish (170.00 465.00). The moisturizing Gel Cream Ultra-light, velvet finish (310.00). The moisturizing Lotion lightweight, satin finish (260.00). The oil Absorbing Lotion oil-free, matte finish (260.00).

Because the skin is the largest body organ and is constantly being bombarded by pollutants, cleansing itself of these toxins is vital for healthy, beautiful skin. — ascophyllum creme Nodosom: This algae is found in the Crème de la mer eye balm botox Intense and Reparative body lotion. Because ascophyllum nodosom is so rich in nutrients and minerals, like amino acids, it helps even out the skin tone, improving the clarity of the skin. — bio-ceramic White Algae: Another potent algae that serves a vital purpose in the Crème de la mer skin line, bio-ceramic white algae is found in the companys Brightening Collection. This algae sooths and nourishes skin, smoothing it and revealing a more youthful, tightened complexion. — tourmaline: A natural gemstone that is crucial to Crème de la mers cleansers, this crystal helps break down oil that covers the skin. However, tourmaline is very gentle, so it is capable of cleansing without destroying the natural moisturizing properties in the skin, leaving it freshened and revitalized. Crème de la mer Products, crème de la mer has a wide variety of products, each one formulated to treat specific beauty needs. Because the majority of the ingredients in the Crème de la mer are all-natural, these products are extremely gentle on the skin. They are also very effective and are quickly becoming favorites among customers who want all-natural skincare options. Moisturizers, the original moisturizer created by Crème de la mer was a lightweight gel first sold 60 years ago.

la mer moisturizing lotion review

La, mer, the, moisturizing, soft, lotion, review

Of all the natural beauty care companies on the market, Crème de la mer is one of the only ones that is completely open about the ingredients whitening in all its products. And, the cornerstones of Crème de la mers ingredients are algae, a nutrient rich sea plant, and kelp, a large seaweed. The number one reason Crème de la mer is such a potent and effective skin care line is its ingredients. Instead of filling its products with chemicals, dyes, and fillers, Crème de la mer literally takes its ingredients from the ocean. These materials are so filled with nutrients and benefits that they make every single product offered by Crème de la mer amazing. Below is a list of just some of the amazing ingredients found in Crème de la mer as well as the benefits each item offers. — malachite: This stone, procured from Brazil, protects delicate areas of the skin. Used in Crème de la mer eye concentrate, malachite energizes and renews the sensitive under eye area, reversing the appearance of dark circles. — lime tea extract: A aziatische powerful antioxidant, lime helps remove the toxins from the skin.

Creme de la mer: a review and Ingredients overview

One of which is The moisturizing Soft Cream. Although The moisturizing Soft Cream is lighter than the original Crème de la mer, i can only use it as a night cream. It can still be a little too moisturizing for my oily skin when i use it during the day. I have yet to try The moisturizing Gel Cream, which is said to be even lighter than the soft Cream. La mer also has Oil Absorbing Lotion, a day moisturizer for those with very oily skin. You can check out my previous post for the variants of la mer moisturizers. Over-all, la mer The moisturizing Soft Cream has really transformed my skin despite my love affair with the sun, which we all know can be very harmful to the skin. The hype is real after all (at least for me). Ive been using it every night for several months now and I can say that the texture of my skin became softer, smoother, supple, and hydrated.

la mer moisturizing lotion review

When applying la mer moisturizer, pat a small cremes amount between fingertips and press gently into skin. Dont forget to moisturize your neck as well. When you feel that the moisturizer is still sitting on top of your skin, rub your palms together then pat on your face. The heat can help the skin absorb the moisturizer. When skin gets irritated, stop using right away. Better yet, ask your doctor first before using la mer moisturizer if you have a lot of allergies.

La mer The moisturizing Soft Cream Verdict. When I first tried the original Crème haargroei de la mer a few years ago in counter, i already knew it wasnt for my oily skin. The thick and heavy consistency is for dry skin and for those living in colder areas. For someone who has oily skin, living in a country with very humid weather, i would definitely look like a grease ball in a matter of minutes. This is why i was ecstatic when I learned that la mer released various consistencies of the most coveted Crème de la mer.

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Read more about this on my verdict below) comes in a different packaging. Jars are more prone to bacteria when you dip your fingers into the product. Plus, exposing ingredients to air underarm and light whenever you open the lid can possibly make the formula less effective. Tips on la mer The moisturizing Soft Cream. Use the spatula instead of your fingers to get product. Clean spatula every after use and store in a clean place. Apply the soft cream moisturizer all over the face after cleansing and toning.

la mer moisturizing lotion review

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Here ) it leaves me with zero dry and red patches, usually around the nose. It definitely feels lighter than the original Crème de la mer. It spreads easily without having to nivea pull the skin. It didnt clog my pores or cause my skin to breakout. It has a nice floral, powdery scent. This can be a downside though if you are not comfortable with scented skincare. I wish la mer The moisturizing Soft Cream is less expensive. But of course, we all know that Crème de la mer is an investment can be used as a day moisturizer for very oily skin. (Although la mer has another variant to cater to those with very oily skin.

Infused with the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth, the heart of la mers profound powers of transformation, it penetrates deeply to replenish moisture and strengthen skin. Renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant. I love la mer The moisturizing Soft Cream because my skin feels supple, smooth and hydrated. It brings back that glow in my skin instantly. It has luminous finish without looking greasy. It contains various ireland anti-aging ingredients, known to be the la mer Miracle Broth. (Read more about the miracle broth.

Crème de la mer moisturizer for Dry skin la mer

Why is Crème de la mer the most coveted moisturizer? I used to be very curious on what it can actually do and what makes it so luxurious. Finally, i got to try it for several months and as promised in my sauvage la mer Story post, Ill be sharing my Crème de la mer experience, specifically the soft Cream variant. From someone who loves to go to the beach and do outdoor activities, did it transform my skin? La mer The moisturizing Soft Cream review below. La mer The moisturizing Soft Cream Product Information. This luxurious cream delivers the same radiance and renewal that made the original Crème de la mer a legend in a supple new texture.

La mer moisturizing lotion review
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