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The location was great, walking distance from a few restaurants (including a mcDonald's) and luxury malls. Some of the best options for sleeping in Kollupitiya are: budget hotel - 35 per night: cj villas (rated.2) 100 per night: Mandarina (rated.1) or Ocean Front Hotel (rated.4) over 200 per night: movenpick (rated.1) or Kingsbury Apartments (rated.4) naughty. Its ratings on Agoda and m are quite poor though. Cinnamon Gardens This is an affluent neighborhood with a central location, but the choice of hotels is limited. Prices are higher than average. less than 50 per night: cool Colombo7 (rated.1) 100 per night: Jetwing Colombo 7 (rated.7) 200 per night: Paradise road - tingagel (rated.1) Best Bars and Nightclubs in Colombo colombo nightlife is quiet on most nights except on Friday, saturday, and Wednesday. On weekends, most nightclubs and bars will charge an entrance fee to men. The fare varies from 1,000Rs up to 2,500Rs and you'll get drink coupons in exchange. Before paying, try asking the bouncers if you can have a quick look inside to check the crowd situation.

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In the same neighborhood, there are two more trendy complexes. The first one is called. Independence Square Arcade and the second one is, park mews. Hotels near the nightlife: The 3 neighborhoods mentioned above ( The fort, kollupitiya or Cinnamon Gardens) are the best ones to choose for a stay in Colombo. They are near the nightlife and near the main tourist attractions as well. The fort (for tourists traveling by train) This area is expensive but verkoudheid very convenient for tourists traveling by train or for businessmen working in the cbd.

I stayed there for 2 nights in a backpacker hostel called CityRest Fort. It had an ideal location within the dutch Hospital Precinct (in front of ) but average facilities considering the price (20/night for a bunk bed and shared bathroom). The nearby Star Anise has better ratings for the same price. If you can afford to spend a bit more, you can check the following properties in the fort: 50 per night: City beds - the regent (rated.1 on Agoda) 80-90 per night: The Steuart by citrus (rated.1) or fairway (rated.8) over 150. I stayed there for 14 nights in Clock Inn, a friendly hotel with both dorms (15 per night) carbon and single rooms (45 per night).

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The bars and nightclubs are rarely within walking distance from each other, though, so you'll often need to use taxis. Uber to get around. Some entertainment complexes are convenient because they have several venues within one location: The best one is the, dutch Hospital Precinct in the fort rea. It is near the train station and the central business district. It is a good place laserontharing for dinner and for after-work drinks, but it closes at midnight. In the upper-class neighborhood of Cinnamon Gardens, the. Gymkhana Club Complex is also recommended and it stays open until apparatuur late. You can go after visiting the dutch Hospital Precinct, for instance to 41 Sugar or to, floor.

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there are barely any women in clubs or sell bars. It is similar to India where it is frowned upon for them to have fun with their friends. The ones you see in nightclubs are either "Westernized" Sri lankan girls, girls who come with their husbands/boyfriends, or prostitutes. overall, Sri lankan women are not as attractive as southeast Asian women and they are more conservative. some nightclubs give commissions to tuk-tuk and taxi drivers. As a result, the latter will pressure you to visit them and you'll have to pay an overcharged entrance fee. sri lankan food, in my opinion, is terrible. unbearable heat (at least in April) and massive traffic jams during day time. Nightlife Areas 80 of Colombo's nightlife is spread out in one of these 3 neighborhoods: The fort, kollupitiya or Cinnamon Gardens (near the, town Hall ).

Uber mobile internet, food and drinks. When it comes to its nightlife, colombo is disappointing for several reasons: - sri lankans go to bed very early. By 10 pm, the streets are empty and you may have to walk a long time frans just to find something to eat. bars and nightclubs are hidden and they are spread out. They have an early curfew, usually midnight. After that, only a few places are still open. colombo nightlife during the week is extremely quiet.

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In April 2017, i stayed 2 weeks in Colombo, the capital of Sri lanka. I didn't really enjoy the city's nightlife, which was one of the worst i've ever experienced. Before writing about the negatives, i will start with a few positive points : - sri lankans are almost always very friendly and helpful. They speak good English too. colombo is a rather clean and safe city, especially in the tourist and expat areas. New construction is happening everywhere, for instance near the fort (5-star resorts, waterfront apartments, etc). there are several interesting things to do (parks, museums, beste markets, etc). you can go to the beach in less than 30 minutes. most prices (except accommodation) are reasonable: Transportation (by.

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