2 Clubs - playing Arts, contest 2016, grafický design. Senior, product, designer UI/UX. Product design for Plantronics contest. kind of product design, one that doesnt just try to grab our attention, but one that helps us connect without being sucked in (have. terms of product design, and game design, and cool interface tricks, there's many, many, many things you can do to introduce new. stage for internationally emerging talent in the art world in general and in the world of industrial and product design in particular.

product design contest 2016

The competition is held in three categories: Product Design, communication Design, concept Design. Works that have already been awarded with "red dots" now are exhibited nederland at Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, which has the world's largest collection of the modern designs achievements. Communication Design categorys jury pannel includes outstanding creative and doen art directors from all over the world. They assess the achievements in the field of packaging design, identity, advertising, interactive media and sound design. According to the orginizing committee, this year there were projects submitted from 46 countries. But less than 10 of submissions received the coveted Red Dot Winner award. The packaging design of Moscow soft cheese factory "Karat" and kfc rebranding developed by depot wpf for Russia, kazakhstan, belarus, azerbaijan and georgia are among the winning projects of this year. Both works have received Red Dot awards, which can be compared with "gold" awards in other festivals. Another two projects —. Moscow Identity and, shopping List — got the highest Best of the best award. This mean that these projects stand for the main "trophy" of the contest — the grand prix.

product design contest 2016

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Unrivalled range of the best architecture, design and construction books from around the world. Art design 370 product(s). "I never get tired of repeating, that the participation in the prestigious uitslag creative competitions makes our industry stronger. Ambition, creative breakthroughs, competition, the taste of victory — all these factors strengthen muscles and faith in yourself. Therefore, i heartily congratulate russian winners!" — says Depot wpf managing partner and the co-president of Association of branding companies of Russia. This year Red Dot jury members awarded 10 projects from Russia. The right to place the side of your product with the lable of Red Dot Design Award is one that monsters like apple and Audi had to fight for: it is the most anxiously awaited event in the world of design. From 1955 designers and production companies are annually awarded for high quality and outstanding achievements in the design of consumer goods.

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product design contest 2016

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product design contest 2016

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Product design contest 2016
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