To date, brazil has been the major supplier. Chicken imports into, china reached a record high in 2008 at just over one million tonnes, nearly 645,000 tonnes of which were chicken paws. Purchases declined in 2009 and again in 2010 to 832,000 tonnes in total with paws accounting for 546,000 tonnes. In 2011, a further 10 per cent decline in purchases to around 750,000 tonnes is anticipated, with paws accounting for around 500,000 tonnes as the result of duties being imposed on us chicken meat. Hence, broiler meat imports (excluding paws) are expected to slump a further 20 per cent to around 230,000 tonnes. Before 2010, the us was the leading supplier of both broiler meat and paws to this market, followed by Brazil and Argentina.

meat importers purchased from Brazil and a little over 34,000 tonnes from the usa. A growing import market is, saudi Arabia. In the period 2000 to 2006, receipts were below 500,000 tonnes a year. Since then, they have risen annually to an estimated near 680,000 tonnes last year, while a forecast for 2010 points to more than 700,000 tonnes being bought. Also, predictions for the next decade foresee imports rising to above 800,000 tonnes and again to more than 900,000 tonnes by 2025.

Again, a balance may not be struck between exports and imports in a period of time because of the time lag during transportation. Indeed, if account is taken of all these factors the quantity of chicken meat traded currently is at least 11 million tonnes. It is clear from this usda series that the global trade schimmel in chicken meat has grown substantially since 2000 as the world total has risen by 84 per cent from.9 million tonnes to almost nine million tonnes. Forecast growth for vrouw 2011, however, is a mere.4 per cent and at least one projection to 2020 points to further only moderate increases at a similar rate as the global total on this basis climbs towards 10 million tonnes. For the Asian countries reviewed in table 1, combined total imports represent approximately 31 per cent of the global trade as purchases in 2011 are expected to exceed.7 million tonnes, which would be almost 850,000 tonnes (44 per cent) higher than 10 years ago. It should be noted that a significant proportion of the imports into hong Kong are eventually re-exported to China. If chicken paws were included in the figures, then in 2010, these countries would account for almost 35 per cent of the business. Leading chicken meat importers in Asia 000 tonnes). Japan is the leading importer though the provisional figure for the annual total in 2010 was little changed from the quantity purchased back in 2000, and is at a similar level to that anticipated for the next decade. However, the forecast for the current year has been revised upwards to around 820,000 tonnes, reflecting the impact of the earthquake and tsunami on production in the short term. Roughly half of Japan's imports are prepared (cooked or semi-cooked) chicken mainly from Thailand and China.

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Featured Articles, global poultry trends - asia: The major Chicken meat Importer, more than one-third of the chicken meat traded globally is imported into Asian countries, according to seasoned industry watcher, terry evans. Only two countries in the region Thailand and China export significant amounts of broiler meat. Asia is the major chicken meat-importing region purchasing around.7 million tonnes of a global total of between 11 and 12 million tonnes. This latter figures not only includes trade between European Union member countries, exports of paws and also the application of factors to convert the tonnages of further-processed and canned chicken to whole bird equivalents. Exports from this region, although small at about.3 million tonnes, are growing steadily. Global aziatische trading in poultry meat is expanding and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Trying to unravel the data is a nightmare as no series of figures are identical, further underlining the point that, as with the figures on production, it is best to put greater emphasis on the trends than on the absolute values"d. Looking at the data presented in table 1, it must be appreciated that, in the world total figures the trade between European Union member countries is not included, while purchases of chicken paws have also been excluded from the import data. A further complication, which can lead to double counting, occurs when shipments from one country are re-exported to another.

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Japan - branch office in Chile peru. We produce Frozen locos, salted flying fish roe, pre-cooked topshell, scomber japonicus mackerel, sea urchin, frozen, canned and dried red abalone. Usa - we are specialized in frozen Baby Octopus, cut Crab (wild Three-spot crab, Squid Pineapple cut,  tt, sliced Octopus, Blue mackerel, baby clam; round scad, Frozen fresh Abalone giovanni's Fish Market usa - offering local seafood, importers, fresh seafood delivered overnight anywhere in the. Ahi, albacore, snapper, sole, dabs, ling, shark, swordfish, dungeness crab, maine lobster, prawns, abalone, clams, oysters, calamari, scallops. Topsea enterprises hong kong, china - we are importers and exporters of Dried marine products like shark fins, sea cucumber, fish maws, abalone, operculum, etc with our offices in Singapore, dubai and India. Dalian Rich seafood. Ltd china - processors, Exporters, Importers, Wholesalers of Chum Salmon, pink salmon, Alaska pollock, pacific and Atlantic Cod, yellow fin sole, canned Antarctic krill, canned tuna, canned salmon, canned mackerel, shark fin, geoduck, alaska king crab, lobster, abalone, sea cucumber, red fish, grenadier. Nisha International Pte Ltd singapore - we are a reputed company involved in import and export of all types frozen and dried shark fins, sea cucumbers, fishmaws, abalone, operculum.

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Cj live seafood Company, singapore - importers, Exporters and agents of live seafood including halibut, japanese abalone, sea cucumber, peale passage oysters, canadian lobsters, red grouper, black grouper, tiger grouper, stonefish, keofish, southern Rock lobsters, western Australian lobsters, king crab, spanner crab, clams and whelks. Fresh ivory White king Salmon, Organic King Salmon and black cod. Comercial San juan. Chile - sea urchin, Atlantic Salmon, salmon Trout, pacific Salmon, sea bass, king Clip, live or frozen King Crab, Snow Crab, Stone Crab (Cancer spp., cancer porteri, cancer edwardsi, homalaspis plana, taliepus dentatus, cancer setosus, cancer coronatus, ovalipes trimaculatus Scallops, mussels, Chilean Clam, Clam (mesodesma. East Pacific Ocean International Ltd taiwan - we are seafood importer/exporter based in taipei taiwan. We import seafoods from Australia, new zealand, America and Japan.

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Lobster, abalone, dried sea cucumber. Usa - we are a family owned company that imports seafood from Baja california mexico and distributes to restaurants and wholesalers. We specialize in whole fresh frozen abalone (wild). We also import diver Jumbo Scallops (Mano de leon Blue crab (jaiva azul and diver bay scallops (Callo de catalina). Butterworth Global (Melbourne malaysia - we import export a vast variety of seafood for value adding, further processing, the liftactiv professional and amateur fishing sectors. Live mud Crab, Frozen kingfish, spanish mackerel, barracuda, sail fish, mahi mahi, indian mackerel, horse, chub, pacific and atlantic mackerel, silver, Chinese black pomfret, yellow tail scad, yellow tail black trevally, indian oil sardine, red snapper, red sea bream, japanese thread fin bream, tongue sole. Dalian Lanji foods. Ltd, china - processing and exporting scallop, ark shell, spanish mackerel, clam, shrimps, abalone, sea cucumber octopus, yellow croaker, salmon. Importing Argentina red shrimps, lobster, salmon, shrimps, ribbon fish, squid.

silver Whiting (Sillago sihama cuttlefish (Sepia spp. oilfish (Lepidocybium Flavobrunneum / ruvettus Pretiosus Octopus(Octopus Vulgaris Fresh Water Shrimp (Macrobrachium Jaroense soft Squid/Bigfin reef Squid (Sepioteuthis Lessoniana giant Squid (Architeuthis nylon Shell meat, bay scallops, golden Scallops. Usa - over 40 years experience in all aspects of seafood from Retail to lichaam Processing and Export. Family owned and operated in the same location for 40 years. Full dock services including 24/7 offload and shipping including international export. Specializing in local Dungeness Crab, Abalone, hagfish and much more. Xiamen Binqi Import export., Ltd. China - aquaculture producers, processors, importers and exporters of abalones (our own farm) and shrimps (our own farm crabs, squids, octopus, mackerel fish, hairtail, bamboo leaf fish, sardine and other frozen aquatic products. Infinite Exports, singapore - we are an exporter and importer of seafood in Singapore with our branch offices in Pacific Island.

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Delicious Lobster meat that is perfect for any recipe. From fun fare like lobster rolls and club sandwiches to classic dishes and main courses, our lobster meat is tender, juicy and easy to use. Fresh maine lobster Recipes. Sea-ex members who are importers or buyers of abalone are listed here. Place your company details here - become a member (from 75 a year click for Details, add your seafood Company to the directory. Tc international seafoods Provider Inc. Philippines - our company is primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing, import and export of Fresh Frozen Marine products. We are actively trading in taiwan, China, hong Kong, vietnam, usa and Canada. Ribbon/Hairtail (Trachipterus Lepturus leather Jacket Fish (Aluterus Monoceros Swallow tail Grouper (Variola louti red Coral Grouper (Plectropomus leopardus Black tip Grouper (Epinephelus Fasciatus dorado mahi prairie mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) Parrot Fish (Scarus Spp.

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